D-ZoneCoin realizes high security and convenience in conjunction with the settlement service "The DreamPay”,made with the world 's first block chain technology. The DreamPay is aimed at consumers and affiliated stores,as well as coins to support economic growth all over the world .The-Dream-Pay, a new settlement instrument that is not bound by any country or currency,provides our customers with global payment instruments that are free and unlimited by linking with our proprietary Pay and Wallet and various encryption currencies. **

In general, the simpler the user's operability, the more difficult it is to design security. Dream-Pay built a system that is superior in security without lowering operability by adopting block chain technology. As well, measures against unauthorized access such as hacking are flawless. Through encryption currency, we have created a mechanism with multiple checks by interlocking with each account information in the block chain.

Currently in the payment industry some major companies dominate profits in the form of fees. Currently, customer payment information and customer information for each company is being managed by a database server which can not be said to be safe. It is very serious and many problems are occurring. The solution which solves this problem is Block Chain Settlement Service "TheDreamPay" developed by our company.

We were able to prevent unauthorized rewriting by some malicious users by using smart contracts and distributed ledger technology. Also, you can reduce costs by distributing servers with distributed ledger technology. There is no huge administrative cost like a central server. We realized that we can build a system that can prioritize the interests of franchisees by lowering fees. As a result, franchisees can reduce the current handling fee of 3% to 0.5%, and consumers will be able to use the settlement service in an environment completely protected from information leakage, unauthorized use, etc.

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